I'd like to announce the publication of my newest book, A Summer Folly, now available for the Nook.

An Alluring Widow...

When the dashedly handsome Duke of Tremont summoned Anne Templeton home to England, the lovely young widow left Jamaica with a wary sigh. Seven years before, as a foolish green girl, she had jilted Giles Templeton in favor of his cousin. Now she was forced to face the man she’d so grievously wounded...and so dearly loved. The worst of it was, she loved Giles still. But he was so frightfully proper now, with nothing boyish or trusting in his cool, gray eyes. He was undoubtedly in need of a woman’s care—and this summer at the seaside, Anne meant to see he had it!

...A Proper Gentleman...

It had seemed a simple enough thing to do, taking charge of his late cousin’s affairs. Giles was, after all, the head of the family. But as soon as he looked into Anne’s vibrant blue eyes, he knew there was nothing simple about his feelings for her. More beautiful than ever, she was just the sort of woman who would turn a man’s well-ordered life upside down. Well, he was beyond that sort of thing. After their summer at Brighton, he could say goodbye to Anne...but not before giving her a taste of what she’d missed!

...And Love That Never Died

Anne’s mischievous young son, a prankster of a ghost, and Giles’s stubborn mother conspire to make life difficult. But when summer’s over, will Anne and Giles find that what seems like folly is very wise, indeed?

Thanks to everyone who's supported me!