I am the author of eight Sherlock Holmes ebooks, and have just reduced the prices of three to 99 cents each. All my Sherlock Holmes ebooks are written in the Victorian era style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and have entirely original, creative and interesting plots. Following are the three reduced price ebooks and their covers.

Sherlock Holmes And the Man In Concrete
No Look Inside.JPG

Sherlock Holmes And the Woman In Concrete
Woman_in_Concrete_copy cover.jpg

Sherlock Holmes And the Flying Machine

If you like reading good detective murder mystery stories, you will enjoy reading one or more of these ebooks.

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

P,S. The most recent ebook of the "In Concrete" trilogy is "Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete." It is my top seller and still sells for $2.99. It like all my 37 ebooks is listed by genre, described and linked to Amazon.com on my website Philduke.weebly.com. My ebooks are also available from Draft2Digital.com.

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Phillip Duke Ph.D.