Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes by Phil Duke Ph.D.

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    Default Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes by Phil Duke Ph.D.

    Jack The Ripper and Sherlock Holmes co-existed in the same Victorian era and the same city, London. It was inevitable that their paths would cross, and cross they do, with a vengeance, in this grisly Sherlock Holmes detective murder mystery,

    In real life JTR was never identified, but it was rumored he was Royalty. In this ebook Sherlock Holmes applies his extraordinary powers of observation, deduction and logical reasoning, and identifies the Ripper as Royalty.

    He sends a message to Buckhingham Palace, and is invited to meet with the JTR suspect there. He and Watson meet with him and then- but to tell you now would spoil your reading pleasure.

    With numerous autopsy and other photos, the text is in
    the style of Sir Arthur, and true to the Ripper's terrible crimes. If you would like reading about Sherlock Holmes and real horrible crimes, you will like reading this ebook.
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