Hello there everyone!

Your old fruitcake from the land of the Angles and Saxons is back

How have you all been? Pain free in good health, full of vim and vigour perhaps?? Or perhaps not. Now then have I got something to share with you on a personal note - not just as an aspiring though at times misguided one. Well sweetpeas let me utter a cautionery tale of warning to the wise. The words of caution and circumspection are in the title of my post. To cut to the razor sharp of the matter, I sustained a totally unecessary injury. Brought about by overdoing things. I work as a mental health social worker, in a busy Norhern England NHS trust. Silly old me wa tearing around the busy bustling city at super worp speed. Frankly as we all know we humans are a machine are we not?? What do you think happened to me? Well I badly pulled my right achilles tendon at the back of my right ankle. Yikkes Ouch, Ouch, and yeow, youswer, wowser!! I was in agony honest I was cross my heart and hope to die.
I slowed down to less than a snail's pace. If it was an olympic style 100 yards sprint by Gad Sir i would have come last. Ooh ahh pain with every step I took, climbing a flight of steps was a feat of agony akin to Mount Everest. What a daunting challenge. How mortifying not being able to climb a few steps to gain access to anywhere my work place, shops, museums, cinemas, even bars of any kind all legitimate of course, and restaurants. All ll because I MOVED TOO FAST AND TOO QUICKLY. I began to suffer my affliction from the end of January to now!! I am and still are a picture of misery. Have any of you my dear beloved literary knights and damsels suffered an achilles injury?? Are we on the same page here with this outrageous condition. Where you cannot walk or dare not walk more than a few steps?
You have my utmost sympathy. It is a major trauma just going to the grocery store a few yards from your home. Joking apart there is nothing funny or amusing about damaging any part of your body. We are so VULNERABLE. Let's face it all of us take our bodies for granted. Think about the analogy of yor car or automobile as you say in the States. We just jump in behind the wheel fire up the engine and away we go. Until something goes drastically wrong then by thunder you feel it. The pain my literary brothers and sisters, the pain that is. It can even affect your sleep, which is a huge whooping pain in the you know what. Then coz the pain is so intense at times you don't just wince with it, you end snapping like a crocodile at people. Lets be positive, heh I am a positive realistic kind of a guy.

Meet Ben the people's Crusader for the Physically Disabled as featured in Demented Wanderer

Now everybody lets focus off from me to a wonderfully altruistic young man of strong principle - he goes by the name of Ben. He is an activist. With a strong desire to see justice for the disabled. In my final part of my three volume series called The Demented Wanderer I feel it is important to use the framework of literature to address the inequalties of our society. My latest addition to the cast of players appearing in my cosmopolitan drama of the 2030's is defined by his own disability. He has a congenital weakness affecting his lower limbs with one leg shorter than the other. He suffers from a club foot and requires a specially built up shoe to partially address this in built weakness. He has a muscle wasting type disease affecting both his lower limbs, making it difficult for him to physically get up and down stairs. As the physical environment can be such a challenge Ben made a concious decision to sink his energies direct into helping poor lower class or underclass humans who live on the margins of society. Ben aged 26 manages to infiltrate and become a part of Lady the diva Lavender aged 88 Anarchey Warriors. The Diva has a personal fortune of 8 billion pounds, and can and does bankroll her warriors to do her bidding, no matter how bizarre and eccentric. Ben's role is to undertake research taking on a false persona. His real paymasters are a secret charitable organisation called The St Thomas Sisters and brothers. They are an a benevolent organisation whose main remit is to provide grants and aid for those living in decrepit squalid unfit for purpose "heraditaments" building structures in non legal parlance.

Ben a sociable warm hearted soul befriends the key members of the Warriors commune who matter. Mercury the chronicler and master blaster dude knows the activist well. Ben has two hats which he wears. One is as a scout due to his ability to blend into a crowd he will be sent out act as the eyes and the ears of the group when they are out on the road looking to avoid other gangs in areas outside the Warriors own zone.
Gaining access into dilapadated run down buildings are part of his main gang role. Are the buildings safe? Floors safe as well. Roofs ceilings in danger of collapse. Though he has a noticeable disability, Ben is happy to do this work and puts his heart and soul into it. Ben is shocked when he goes into buildings generally at how unsafe they are. Generally these buildings are abandoned due to the state of civil unrest in London England in the 2030's with the closure of the English House of Commons, and the end of all civil liberties. His other hat he wears is to do with compiling a study of the deficit in parts of London where the gang operate. The guys like to crash safely in various safe houses. There they plan robberies, hit and runs, cage fights as well as street fights to the death. No prisoners are taken in the no go ghetto areas of the city. There are no police or law enforcement agencies of any description.

Hey what do you think of this cool cat. A warrior for fair play, decent homes, and places of work. In Ben manifesto he just loves the notion all homes having lifts as incorporated feature in all homes. Adaptations to all homes and work offices, should have incorporated mobility aids irrespective of whether you are rolling in dollar notes or coins to account for the unexpected that can happen to any of us. Radicl Ben whips outhis cell phone to take pictures of the interiors of these houses. He is an architect by trade - nobody knows this not even Mercury. So big deal eh?! It is relevant to my literary tale to raise and mention socio-physical environmental themes of topical interest. Look there is nothing wrong with telling a snappy racy tale, with plots with a myriad of twists and turns and unexpected hubris but equally it is important to prick people's consciences. So you can think at a deeper level or really chew over thoughtfully offerings for your consideration. I am a flamboyant old rattle snake eh what.

More hot news about the Torturer

Finally a recap on the Torturer- see previous post Meet the Torturer
Now weighs 340 pounds of solid muscle and can crush slowly to death any human within his monstrous well grown arms. A towering 6' 6 " muscle monster. Aged 26 and when he is not fighting in the wrestling cage he is sitting on the edge of his bed staring into space for up to 6 hours a day. Sometimes he will sing a soulful tune to pass the time away or he might dance a jig whilst sucking his thumb, just for fun. Ah what a cute boy, his momma would be proud of him.

Hope you liked my post and if you remember nothing else about it, please slow down or experience what happened to me, damage to my right ankle to my achilles tendon, very nasty - know what I mean.

yours in strengh and friendship