Hello Again!!

A terrible calamity regarding my previous post on my book in progress regarding my proposed Residential Guardians Service. Your social worker friend from England by stupid mistake pressed the submit button when I had n't finished my proposal regarding the idea I am thinking about in my proposed book. Look we all make mistakes, don't you know and I am no exception I can tell you. Never mind eh!! For the sake of clarity let me continue where I hoped to have completed in my previous post. All is well.

The Residential Guardianship Service Brief Outline

The rationale can be summed up in a few paragraphs or better still listed as points - then you decide what needs to be taken for:

1) Acknowledged fact is that more of us are living alone. Check the statistics from your goverrnment department in the US who would have the data youre looking for as proof. Also check and social science faculty of any University in the US who will confirm this information for you, indeed you can just google the words "living alone" for a wealth of factual information on this subject.
2) Beyond dispute are statistics showing that 1 in 3 of us will at some point in time experience a serious accident at home.
3) Over 40% of us folk cannot rely upon family to or friends to look after us, unless you are very wealthy or have the resources to employ staff 24 hours a day to look after us.
4) The service would provide trained staff available living in a community house be it terrace, semi or detached to provide an emergency response service to those householders who agree to join the scheme by paying an agreed yearly rate if they can afford it. If they are on a low income then local social services would by agreement with the agency pay an agreed charge to provide the 24 hour cover.
5) Staff who would be strictly vetted regarding criminal record checks would be able to access the service user's home to check on the safety and wellbeing of anyone signed up to the scheme. The amount of times a physical check could take place that was non urgent could be arranged between the service provider and the client to suit both parties. You would have the same system of vulnerable adult adult/children checks we have in England in the US?
6) Importantly all residential homes be they appartments or houses would have fitted electronic pressure pads fitted under the carpets on the stairs or to chased into the floorboards or other floor coverings - so that you the householder would not inadvertently trip over the pressured alarmed pressure pad.
7) In the guardians house there would be an electronic series of boards with the addresses of all the users of the services with plans of all the floor space showing the precise location where the user fell over and injured his/herself. An intercom could be rigged up set to activate a response to the duty staff based in the guardians house. This would trigger an immediate home visit to check on the welfare of the user of the service. If the user fell and was not in audible range of the intercom (more than one could be placed in the house or appartment as required) the staff workers as they would attend to the emergency in pairs would go out and notify emergency services as soon as practical to do so.
8) Funding for installing the pressure alarmed pads and intercoms would be available through social services and charities - voluntary agencies.

There you have it my friends - my idea in a nutshell. Do you like this idea by the way? Is it feasible, in view of what I have said regarding many more of our human family living alone without access to the support networks we used to rely upon in past years.
Could you my American cousins start just such a venture up at some point in the future??
If not now, at least it will give you my Nook friends pause for thought and reflection - because of the likelihood it could happen to you. Of course I sincerely pray that it won't and you will have many happy years of safe accident/disease free service respecting your human machinery.

Kindest of regards

from Alex UK Social Worker

PS I hope this post regarding my work in progress book makes up for the chaotic effort in part 2 when you my friends were left high and dry - very naughty of me to do so at that.