Hello everyone! I'm sharing my novella "Love & Wrath: The Beginning". Here's an overview:

This first novella of a three part series pulls back the curtain on three best friends' lives to uncover love, friendship, and secret abuse. The author weaves together the stories of the best friends against the backdrop of the midwestern art world of Kansas City, MO. Pretty pictures, however, are the last thing that photographer Lily and her business partner Sheila are worried about after their mutual friend reveals an explosive secret that ends up threatening all of their lives. Readers can ride out in stretch limousines with these divas and enjoy, in vivid detail, their posh lives. Beware though... before you know it you will be pulled into a roller coaster ride of knives, tasers and throw downs! Captivating until the last page, you will be begging for part two as the friends prove that all is fair in LOVE & WRATH.

So far, the book has a 5 star rating! If it sounds interesting, you can find it here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/love...th%2bbeginning