Hey all,

First and foremost, time is running out to get Key to the Stars, Volume I of The Fourth Dimension, for free at Barnesandnoble.com. Additionally, volumes II and III are on sale for $0.99. This sale will run through the end of the year, at which point all three books in the series will return to a price of $2.99. So if you like sci-fi/fantasy, sword and sorcery, and space warfare, this is the series for you! Check it out now!

Second, I am in need of some reviews on Barnesandnoble.com. So far, Nook owners have been my largest audience (Thank you!!!), but there are only six reviews posted for Key to the Stars and one review each for volumes II and III. So I wanted to ask you the biggest favor ever: If you've read any or all of my books, please please please review them! It would absolutely mean the world to me!

All of my books can be found HERE. Thank you so much in advance, and again, thanks to all Nook readers for making The Fourth Dimension so popular!