Becca Cooper’s home is her haven. Suffering from an acute panic disorder as a result of a past rape, her house is the one place she truly feels safe. When a crazed escaped convict breaks in and takes Becca hostage, he shatters her sanctuary and forces her to take part in his explosive revenge plot.

Hostage negotiator Jack Martello rides a desk instead of riding to the rescue after losing his heart for the job in a negotiation-gone-bad. When a shortage of negotiators puts him back on the front line, he discovers the hostage is Becca, his once best friend and the first girl he’d ever loved. Remaining detached becomes impossible.

Lured into the mad man’s scheme, Jack and Becca are linked by a dirty bomb rigged to detonate if they separate. Now, Jack must call on his negotiation skills to coax Becca from her fears and encourage her to embrace her inner strength. But first he must convince her to trust him—even when he no longer trusts himself.

Novella of 30,000 words (106 pages)

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