Phoenix Legends: A Futuristic/cyber romance series.

REBEL'S CONSORT Phoenix Book 1, (38,000 words - $2.99)
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B&N Nookbook - Rebel's Consort

2178 A.D. - One hundred and fifty years after genetically enhanced crops and livestock decimate the Earth with a lethal bacterial strain of Salmonella only twenty percent of the world’s population remains. Small pockets of civilization flourish, supported by computerized technologies and vaccinations against the bacteria, the new cities built over the ruins of the previous age. Regents, the owners of the technology, govern the interests of their individual cities—shining examples of progress and advancement.

Analena Maresco
Code Name: PIPER
Job: Detention camp extraction squad of one

Trace Boden
Code Name: ONYX
Job: Rogue cyber physician, Exile, Fugitive

SHEPHERDPhoenix Book 2 (45,000words - $2.99)
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B&N Nookbook - Shepherd

2180 A.D. – In a race against time, the Down Below underground network plans for the rescue of one of their own from the Regent death squads. The success or failure of their plan hinges on the loyalty of a deadly former Regent guard and one of the most brilliant and dangerous weapon’s designers in New Delphi’s history.

Clayton Ebris
JOB: Underground intelligence/recon, monster of the Regent’s army

Esme Loures Vier
Code Name: KARMA
JOB: Widow/Wife/Traitor/Weapon’s designer