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Erin lived an ordinary life. She had good friends, family, and even a boyfriend. Life seemed pretty normal, until her sixteenth birthday. Overcome with a strange illness that left her panicked and doing strange things, like enjoying the taste of her boyfriend’s blood, Erin left. She left everything in her life behind, afraid of hurting anyone she loved, and started a new life.

Years passed, Erin living with her terrible burden, which at times could prove to be a gift. Even she couldn’t believe what had happened to her years ago. One day, after getting a strange feeling to go out, Erin decided to follow her gut. Forgetting to shield herself from the humans around, she was found. Found by someone like her. That is when her secluded, secret life ended.

Reunited with those of her past and new Immortal friends, Erin begins learning about her new world. There is something everyone is determined to keep from her, and Erin is determined to find out what that is. If things couldn’t get any worse, she learns that her first love had been cursed as well, but he was set out to destroy her kind. As she works to gain his trust, Erin learns of other threats in her new world, each more dangerous than the last.

When a trip to find the key to reversing their curse is arranged, nothing can stop Erin from sitting back as told, as her newfound friends and family take a journey that could cost them their lives. Secrets and Keys is the first novel in the Desire series, and will leave you wanting more!