She was running for her life, exerting every ounce of strength, her pursuer right behind her, his footfalls on the plas-crete sidewalk beating themselves into her consciousness as they steadily caught up to her. She had no time to look back to see but she had reached the place to which she was fleeing- a rotten gaping hole in the mortar foundation of a massive tenement building, one of many thousands of such entrances throughout the ghetto that let into the old sewers below, the warrens as it was now known, and she jumped straight into the opening with the footfalls of her pursuer now right behind her, she slipped and slid, gouging out a long deep patch of meat along her lower thigh on the rough edged opening in her frantic hurry. She hit the ground and instantly turned with the scrap of carbon in her hand to slash at the hand which was reaching in for her through the opening.
Her pursuer had not expected the beautiful, frightened, filthy slip of a girl-child to turn on him. Nor had he expected the razor sharp scrap of carbon. He had not expected the raggy street urchin to turn and attack, like a crazed animal rather than a human being.
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