Hey, everyone. I just published the first installment of my new novella series “MIRRORVILLE” on Nook, where it is currently priced for free. Here’s the plot:

“Teenage rocker, Marley Timmons, has always been stuck in the shadow of her seemingly perfect sister. Rayna has always been the star of their family and right now it seems that this will never change. If only their father hadn't disappeared years ago, maybe things would be different. Because right now the only thing that keeps Marley sane is her band mates and the strange boy who visits her in her dreams. But what happens when her dreams become reality and Marley, along with her friends and family, is transported to a magical new world called "Mirrorville"? Where Marley not only has Rayna's life, but everyone is a reflection of who they were in our world. And where does Marley's missing father fit into all of this? To find out the answers she needs, Marley must master the art of spell casting and face a horde of shadow demons. Though, all of this might only be the beginning of something truly dangerous in new novella series.”

Let me what you think 🙂. Here’s the link: