Hi everyone,

After spending most of May forcing my sharp-eyed minions to read and edit Crown of the Setting Sun, the book has launched! This is book two in my epic fantasy series Heirs of the Fallen.

To celebrate, book one The God King, is free on Barnes and Noble: http://url2it.com/msps


Thanks and best wishes,

crown cover 300 smaller.jpg

Chains that bind the soul are stronger than iron…

One step ahead of demonic slavemasters, Leitos flees across a sun-scorched realm littered with the relics of mankind’s destruction. No matter which way he turns, enemies clad in fiendish flesh stalk the shadows, or hunt in plain sight wearing the faces of men.

Thrust into a world his slave’s eyes have never seen, Leitos struggles to heed his dying grandfather’s command: “Run and hide. Find the Crown of the Setting Sun beyond the Mountains of Fire, and there seek out the Brothers of the Crimson Shield.” Such are the words of a madman … yet they are his only hope.