Contemporary romance fans, here are a couple of books to check out during the warm days of summer.


Nobody's Perfect -
"Life is not like a romance novel...." He's west coast, she's east coast. He's a famous actor on a popular TV show, she's a suburban soccer mom. They seem like complete opposites, and yet get along very well, and their feelings for each other are definitely real. So, what's the problem? Only the geography, the nature of Kinsey's job, the home Jenna's providing for her son... in other words, what ISN'T the problem?

This is not your grandmother's tied-up-with-a-bow romance novel. It's a little less fairytale and a little more real-life.


Fool Me Once -
Dana Hayes is thrilled that her first book has just been published. What does not thrill her is when publicity requires her to meet with Kaden MacKay, the actor on whom one of her characters is loosely based. To her dismay, the man is a complete jerk, and yet, thanks to his interfering manager, they get thrown together more often than Dana would like. Almost against her will, Dana begins to discover that, unlike the character in her novel “Nobody’s Perfect,” there’s more to Kaden MacKay than meets the eye.

This book has an ending that will leave readers smiling.