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    First off, we would like to thank you for taking advantage of our AUTHOR NOOK in your on-going efforts to promote your creative endeavors. We opened this section to aide in this and we can see that you are making the most of it! Us mods are quite pleased to see the interest it has generate amongst our members and we hope that it has generated more sales for your works.

    Secondly, we would like to put in place some guidelines for the use of the AUTHOR NOOK. This will assist in getting the maximum benefit for our fledgling and/or well-established authors. We request that you read the following guidelines and endeavor to follow them to the best of your abilities:

    We prefer that this section by primarily used to announce the publication of NEW BOOKS BY THE AUTHOR. If you would like to promote a sale on a book that you have previously announced or a giveaway in a contest, please post this information in the PROMOTIONS SECTION of our forum.

    You are more than welcome to 'bump' your announcements of your new publications, but we ask that you limit this to ONCE A WEEK. This allows for other authors to get equal 'face time' within the AUTHOR NOOK and doesn't clutter up the threads and makes it easier for our members to browse through.

    When posting an announcement for a new publication, please include the following:

    TITLE: (Place Title Here, With A Clickable Link)
    AUTHOR: (Your Name Here)
    GENRE: (Genre Type)
    RATING: (We do have some younger members here)
    SUMMARY: (Brief Summary Of Book)
    Please feel free to also include a thumbnail of your book cover, if you'd like.

    Below is the 'code' that you can copy and paste into a new post so that it will have the above required formatting.

    [b]TITLE:[/b] (Place Title Here, With A Clickable Link)
    [b]AUTHOR:[/b] (Your Name Here)
    [b]GENRE:[/b] (Genre Type)
    [b]RATING:[/b] (We do have some younger members here)
    [b]SUMMARY:[/b] (Brief Summary Of Book)

    Thank you for taking the time to follow these few requests and we appreciate that our wonderfully talented authors use us to help promote their creative endeavors!

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