"I fried and ate her kidney.."

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    Default "I fried and ate her kidney.."

    and it was good." This letter along with a victim's half kidney delivered to the authorities, help make Jack the Ripper England's most notorious serial killer. His identity was never known, although according to rumor he was Prince Albert.

    These and many other historically accurate facts are presented in the new book "Jack the Ripper versus Sherlock Holmes." The Ripper's abominable crimes are presented with historical accuracy, and Sherlock Holmes investigates with his usual brilliance. Holmes discovers the Ripper's identity, a personal meeting is arranged, and then- but read the book and find out!

    "Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper" with 6 illustrations $4.99.
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    The cover image is an authentic Jack the Ripper victim crime scene photograph. MARY EDDOWES WAS THE VICTIM.
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