Hello all. I've written a short novel called The Death of Death. It's a sweet little tale about loss and acceptance.

If you enjoy the works of Tim Burton and/or Neil Gaiman, this is neither, but it may very well resemble both.

And it's cheap at 99¢, so give it a read.

Here's a description and a couple of reviews:

The Death of Death


Death guides usually have rather normal names like John, Mary, Harry, and Jessica. And even ones not quite so normal, like Bartholomew or Ambrosia. They also have the most interesting tales behind their deaths. But one particular death guide has a few problems: she cannot remember her name or the details of her demise, and thus has no story of her own. One fateful night, she meets a young girl that may change her death forever.

Inspired by the works of Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman, and in the style of Children's tales of old, The Death of Death is a tragic, yet sweet little tale about loss and acceptance.

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

"How can death be so touching? Read this story to find out. The author uses a poetic prose as he pulls you into not only the story, but also the characters. Written against the backdrop of death this story (ironically) is full of magic. Opposites of life and death come together, giving context to the full spectrum of the human condition. This story touched me in many ways, and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it."

"I found this story to be a refreshing change in its uniqueness. Very well thought-out. In fact, the story has an essence of Tim Burton-esque, in the terms of creating beauty from tragedy, that sets the tone from the onset and is one of my favorite aspects. The whimsy and tragedy combined were carefully written with a beautiful plot that succeeds in building a sort of suspense throughout the story. The characters were well written, thoughtful and eccentric..."