The Secret of the Seasons - Spring (Book 1)

One year.

Twelve months.
Fifty-two weeks.
Three hundred and sixty-five days.
Eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hours.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.
The Secret of the Seasons – Spring is about having the patience to wait, or to pursue the things you want in this world. In here we meet Claire, a feisty young woman with a dark past she can’t escape from. As she feels the blame for her mother’s death, she does everything she can to make up for her father. These bundled emotions of regret and guilt drown inside her, and the only consolation she has is the company of her best friend, Drake.

Still, Claire feels deeply burdened by her sentiments. One night while driving along the wet roads of Enciel, she hits a man in the darkness. His name was Gabriel. In their encounter, everything around Claire changes – she feels as if her baggage was lifted and she could breathe life again.


But she never thought that it would be taken away from her so easily. Gabriel suddenly disappeared from the city, leaving no sign or trace to find him. As Claire investigates his disappearance, he finds out a secret about him that made her think twice.

She happened to find Gabriel’s diary. In a form of letters, it spoke of the challenges he had to conquer, and his promise to return after four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter - soon as he finishes his mission, his period of repentance. Here, Claire uncovers the truth about angels, about heaven, and life after death.

Seasons is a journey venturing into the celestial world.

Waiting strengthens the heart, but I can wait no longer. Now all that’s left is to follow Gabriel.