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    Hi everyone! My name is J.F. Pérez and I am from Spain. I have started my writer career seriously this year with the publishing of three ebooks at Smashwords.

    Title: Dawn of Spears
    Language: English
    Genre: Fiction -> Fantasy -> Short Story
    Rating: for the general public
    Short Description:
    This story has all the ingredients that aspiring to make it epic: a fratricidal war between five kingdoms, a crazy monarch who yearns to be crowned absolute emperor, a secret mission and a story of impossible love.

    Title: Allêndaë Nîtïlaë
    Language: Spanish
    Genre: Fiction -> Science-Fiction -> Short Story
    Rating: for the general public
    Short Description:
    Vir (Viriath) es un niño curioso que vive en una granja con su familia. Cierto día decide acompañar, por primera vez, a su padre al mercado de Ciudad Arco. Este simple acontecimiento marcará su destino y el futuro del resto de la galaxia.

    Title: Amanecer de Lanzas
    Language: Spanish
    Genre: Fiction -> Fantasy -> Short Story
    Rating: for the general public
    Short Description:
    Esta historia reúne todos los ingredientes que aspiran a convertirla en épica: una guerra fratricida entre cinco reinos, un monarca loco que ansía proclamarse emperador absoluto, una misión secreta y una historia de amor imposible.

    Apart from author, I am a recent graduate seeking his first job. Fantasy and Science-Fiction are the literary genres I love. This is the list of my favourite authors although I hope to find out new ones in this forum:
    J.R.R. Tolkien
    Alison Croggon
    George R.R. Martin
    Isaac Asimov
    Stephenie Meyer

    Nowadays, I am finishing reading The Riddle by Alison Croggon, which I recommend.

    I like networking so feel free to add me as a friend or drop me a message.

    Thank you so much for your interest and attention. Best regards.

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