Hi and welcome to my second book in the Prophecy of the Kings fantasy trilogy, Dragon Rider. My books won a Gold Award in 2010 -http://readersfavorite.com/cat-71.htm?review=3451

Kaplyn’s mind is in turmoil. His dreams are haunted by dragons and yet dragons are a myth. Terror stalks his nightmares whilst fear plagues his waking life. He stumbles on an enemy army concealed in a forest on Thrace’s border and in terror flees. Yet, upon reaching the sanctuary of Thrace no one believes him and he and his companions are thrown into the dungeons as spies.

One time allies, Thrace and Allund now seem on the precipice of war. A war that strikingly has all the hallmarks of Trosgarth, the ancient enemy. Drachar, too, seems implicated. The enemy has been busy and betrayal and assassination are set to defeat the Prophecy. Priests of Ryoch denounce the Old Ones and the Allund monarchy has been replaced by a council of leaders.

Astalus the Thracian court wizard is set the seemingly impossible task of proving Kaplyn’s claims. Is the Prophecy coming to pass and is a Second Krell War imminent? Disaster looms, for the Eldric have gone and with them the only means of countering the growing demon threat. A war is coming. A war like no other.

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