Author of the 2011 Buzzillions Reviewers Choice Award releases his epic vampire fantasy on nook.

One of the most fascinating and intriguing vampire fantasy tales of our time. With the horror of Bram Stokers ‘Dracula’ and the magical world of JRR Tolkiens ‘Lord of the Rings’ comes the next highly anticipated tale in the last forty years. Richard A Valicek’s ‘Alamptria: Bloodstone Crypt.’

It is the eighteenth century. A time when bold knights would learn that solidarity among men is the fortitude needed to destroy the evil lurking in the shadows. In a land far away called Alamptria, the free people of Elysium are under threat of the evil force of mount Drone; home of the dark lord Makoor and his legion of vampires. From the land of Petoshine, the great elf wizard – Grongone, bestowed three claymores of extraordinary power to three powerful knights from Elysium, who will shape the land and bestow freedom. The princess – Melina Hampshire has been fooled by the treacherous Tyrus Clore and taken to the far of land of Plaphorius where she is under preparation of willingly giving her self to the world of the undead. A single seed of vampire is planted in the city of Koriston in hopes of annihilating the human race. Melina’s beloved soul mate – Caprius Seaton and the Elysian army must race against the sunset to save the people from the evil Tyrus Clore and his legion of doom.

The fantasy genre of literature has become incredibly popular in recent years, and the epic fantasy, filled with exciting adventures, mythical beings, alternative worlds, and battles against supernatural evil forces, has developed a major following.

In Alamptria - Bloodstone Crypt, Richard A. Valicek has created such a tale with a world that is fascinating and complex, complete with 18th century kings, knights, wizards, and monsters, all of which entice our imagination. Adding an interesting twist to this standard fantasy genre is the introduction of the dark lord, Makoor, and his legion of vampires, whose primary goal is to destroy the human race and take over control of the island of Alamptria and subsequently the rest of the world. Along the way we meet King Confidus, who has succeeded the brutally murdered former king of Elysium, and his sons, Andromin, Caprius and Dragus Seaton, each of whom must endure quests that lead them into dangerous circumstances which test their courage, strength, knowledge, and logic, forming an incredible journey to vanquish the evil that threatens to take over the land. To assist them in their quests, the great elf wizard, Grongone, has bestowed upon them three powerful claymores, each with amazing powers to ensure that good will prevail over evil. One of my favourite aspects of this story was that in a world where the peace between nations (and even the brothers themselves) is precarious to begin with, the fight to banish evil brings everyone together in a common goal. I also liked how each of the main characters grew throughout the tale, learning many things about themselves and becoming better people as a result.

The epic fantasy can be hard to wrap your mind around initially if you are not used to this genre because of the abundance of unusual and unfamiliar names, places and creatures, but Valicek uses the prologue and the first few chapters to provide a crucial introduction with plenty of background information to bring the reader up to date with this world. Once the reader becomes familiar and comfortable with the world of Alamptria it is easy to be drawn in, continually wondering what the fate of our heroes and their kingdom of Elysium will be as they experience love and loss, victory and defeat, and joy and sorrow while plotting to overthrow and destroy the evil vampire, Tyrus Clore. The tension builds throughout the novel to an exciting climax and an ending which becomes a clever tie-in to the next book in the series.

This is Valicek's first novel, and I must say I am impressed with his passion and dedication. I actually read an earlier version of this book, which I still enjoyed but which I found lacking in some aspects. Valicek obviously takes constructive criticism very seriously because he took my comments, and those of other reviewers I'm sure, and reworked and expanded the story in a way that ironed out any concerns I had. I found myself intrigued by the world of Alamptria, and there is definitely potential for a series of epic proportions. With his willingness to learn and grow as an author, I am quite certain that each installment of this series will only get better and better.

All in all, this is a very good read, and I would recommend that fans of epic fantasy definitely give it a try. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Reviewer: Cindy Taylor,

Richard A Valicek’s ‘Alamptria Bloodstone Crypt’ is a triumph!

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