I do not own a nook. But I live with three people who do. I was like superman when the real computers were having problems but with the Nook HD I'm overwhelmed, deranged, confused and frankly getting kinda sad. These things randomly disconnect from the internet every five minutes(I'm not kidding), they lock up constantly, the browser reloads for no apparent reason all the time, usually when you just typed something right before you hit post, they change to airplane mode without permission now, horribly slow to do anything, we restart them at least 20 times a day. Then here's the worst one. Neither of them believe they have adobe, all the sites on the web tell my I need to download adobe, which is supposed to built in in. This is especially fun when you want to listen to music, go onto desktop version youtube and it tells you need flash player, you go onto mobile youtube(which only kinda works) and two thirds of the music doesn't work with mobile. Ever since the chrome update this things have become door stops. All three suffer from most if not all of these symptoms. It's like an Alfa Romeo, fantastic, fun, useful...... when it works! which is almost never anymore. If I could at least help them to believe in Adobe flash player again then we could get over the other problems. I've called local tech support and it seems like unless it's on fire, won't turn on at all, or at least smoking they can't really help you. I've called India tech support and after half an hour of being on hold and getting directed to the right person, they barely have any clue what your talking about. I'm just a poor household tech guy, all on my own, and I'm officially lost. Somebody please recommend, help solve, help with anything(especially the adobe issue), I'm afraid I might not survive the next aneurysm.