Nook Color/Tablet and Temp Files

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    Default Nook Color/Tablet and Temp Files

    Does the Nook Color/Table save internet temp files? If so, doesn't it get filled up over time? If so, is there a way to delete them?



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    Best to connect the nook to a computer and open up the Internal Storage. I did this and it has been over an hour trying to read the directory...Why you ask, well if you look at the total files in the lower left in Explorer, well in my case it is currently at over 100,000 .tmp files. Think how long it takes for you to startup something on the nook and nook having to look over 100k files, yes, this is slowing down my nook... The reason I decided to look around and see what I could see. If at some point it finishes searching for files on this Internal Storage, I'm hoping I'll be able to delete them. This is a bad OS design to no have a cleanup utility that removes these .tmp files. Some sort of a setting to remove .tmp files would be nice. An alert stating, you have 5,000 .tmp files or something would be a good idea. That is a developer issue so you will have to see if they do anything about it. Arggg!

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