Way too much information but nothing current on this as I seem to find alot of comments written in 2010. I create a lot of e pubs and I have a client who wants a fixed layout epub to display on a Nook. First thing I need to know is I would assume that we would be referring to an e pub that displays in Nook Color and nothing below this am I right?

I have the Nook for mac reader but this will only allow me to view Nook formatted epubs on my mac desktop so in order to see what e pubs look like on the Nook I will purchase a Nook Color.

Is there a Nook formatted fixed layout template somewhere out there? Also when I say fixed layout I'm referring to a full bleed kids book page with no whitespace.

I also do Read Aloud Books in the Apple Format and I see Nook Kids is similar and I also see that it is interactive which I would think the actual book made for this format is actually an Android app?

Really need to know about these matters as having done fixed layouts for Apple for this client I need to know what to tell the client as he wants the same for Nook.

Any help ?