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    Ok with Moderator permission I am going to start this thread so we can combine all of our NC Tips/Tricks! I have read the User Guide for the NC and it is basically a Nook User Guide with some basic new features for the Color, So as we tinker with our new Reader and find some neat hidden or not well documented features please share!

    1. To take a Screen Shot (picture of whatever you are currently looking at) on your Nook Color Hold down the "n" button and press the down volume key on the side. The picture will be stored in a folder called "Screenshots" and be downloadable next time you connect to your PC/Mac.

    2. (italiano1964) I have to credit Aquariaperry over at the xda-developers site for this useful tidbit.
    Let's say you're reading a book and you look up a word in Wikipedia. To go back to reading the book, just swipe from right to left at the bottom of the screen where the black bar with the time and battery life is located. If you keep swiping, the nook will sequentially take you back to all the previous screens that you opened until you get to the home screen.

    3. (jrlt) If you hold down the . (period key) or question mark if you are in the numeric keyboard you will get extra symbols or quick access to the most used symbols.

    I'll continue to keep this initial post up to date so we wont have to scroll so much, but please add all the tips you can find! the NC is brand new and all the help we can give an receive will be great!

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    Sometimes if you will press the options button in the web browser really quick it will refresh the page without you pressing refresh.
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    You can shrink the size of Application icons on home page with pinch-zoom. I think they look much better and more can be fit on a panel. (This tip is courtesy of B&N NC forum).

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