Play Dxtory AVI to MP4 on Android Tablet/Phone Perfectly

Summary: Have assist to play Dxtory AVI to MP4 to Android Tablet/Phone. This guide will show you the solution within several steps and won't lose any video quality.

What's Dxtory?
Dxtory is a great choice for gamers, advanced amateurs, and other users who need more than what's offered by comparably priced programs. One of the best features of this game capture software is that Dxtory is capable of recording videos up to 120 frames per second (fps). High fps contributes to the overall quality of your video and gives it a smoother look. One primary advantage to a higher frame rate is that it makes editing videos easier.

Problems when playing Dxtory recorded files on Android Tablet/Phone:
"I am recording a game play with Dxtory and I feel no lag at all when recording from the game. The videos are saved as .avi and play fine in VLC. But when I'm trying to get Dxtory AVI to Android Tablet/Phone for playback, it seems to crash almost every time!"

Dxtory records videos only in AVI format, which would be a large file size and just is bad overall for what you do. A common solution is highly recommended- convert Dxtory AVI to something more Android Tablet/Phone friendly like MP4, which ensures the best results when playback.