Rooted and now big problem with double updates

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    Default Rooted and now big problem with double updates

    I bought my NC (nook color) for christmas, and I couldnt wait to put the android market place on it to spice things up, when I first booted my nook it worked fine but it didn't update to 1.0.1 automatically so I manually downloaded and extracted the new update which went perfectly. I used the Auto Nooter to root it because I now had the new update. Well i got it on there and everything seemed to work properlly.

    This is my first Android device, so I was going into this as a learning experience. I had some touble figuring out the launcher and home screen though so it was a bit glitchy for me and I thought I should just start over, well i decided to "Reset & DeRegister" my nook so i could start fresh with android. Bad Idea.

    As It did its magic, it rebooted and I let it sit and took a break for 10 mins. I forgot to take the Micro SD card out and when I got back it booted Auto Rooter AND then automatically updated itself to 1.0.1 again. Then I pressed the home button and i dont know what its called but I cliked home and the multitask/recent task thing popped up, and it had 2 choices 1) nooks first run setup 2) the App launcher. I clicked the launcher thinking that it would just skip the setup, but all of the sudden it went to the android set up because i forgot to take the card out. so i tried signing in to my gmail and the wifi wasnt enabled so it got stuck so i held in the power button and it restarted. when it restarted i clicked the first run factory setup. which stopped at the wifi so i restarted it again...

    i finally took my SD card out when it was off and i rebooted, which seemed to be working but i couldnt sign into my gmail so nothing in andorid worked, cause the barnes and noble didnt sign in.

    SO now my nook is in a useless limbo, it turns but when i do the factory reset and deregister it comes up as an error because im not registered. I want to restore everything to its original settings, and i want the android hacks deleted so its just factory settings.

    If someone could help me that would be awesome, and if there is a good detailed guide on how to properly root NC leeave me a link but first i have to restore it. thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Rooted and now big problem with double updates

    I seem to recall that powering down and rebooting six (?) times resets the device back to factory. I read this in passing somewhere.

    As for detailed instructions on how to root the nook color watch this 20 minute video. he details everything you need to know.

    How to root your Barnes and Noble Nook Color and put Launcher Pro on it!



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    Default Re: Rooted and now big problem with double updates

    I was able to install the 1.0.1 update (since i had 1.0.0) and that derooted mine and allowed me to register again (since I reset it, which deregistered me). See if you can install that update again. Then you will be prompted to reregister and can then do the autorooter install. If that doesn't work, see if you can get a 1.0.0 OS version and install that, then come back and update to 1.0.1. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Rooted and now big problem with double updates

    To perform a factory reset, follow the instructions here:

    What worked for me was rebooting and interrupting the boot process 8 times, i.e., power off completely, then power up, and as the NC is booting, press the power button again to interrupt the boot process - repeat this exactly 8 times. Then, the NC will show an update screen, reboot and it should be back to factory settings - if not, then go to the Erase & Deregister Device button in Device Settings and use it. I had to do both and then I was back to a stock 1.0.0 NookColor, which I then updated to 1.0.1 and rooted following the instructions here, EXACTLY:

    A big recommendation - after you get the Android Market set up, go and get the app "Home Switcher" and use it to set a default "home" application (I kept "Home" as my default and it works great).

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