Hi evreyone! I am new to the forum...and ran across it while I was reading about the NC and rooting. I have rooted my NC by watching a You Tube video, and I used the autonooter. Truthfully, it was my 2nd time to root. I did the root, got a bit antsy, and the did an unroot. After some extra reading, I did the root again, and everything went smoothly, until I went to the App Market. It wouldn't download my apps...After doing another search, I was told to download Launcher Pro and then try. After that, haven't had any problems.

I wanted to try the Froyo, using the same method ( you tube ) but after reading, I am not really sure about it. You really have to do quite a bit of technical stuff...and I am not good at that.

Also when I got to the market, someone told me to download the app... Best Apps. Its a listing of all the best apps out there. It has really come in handy!!