Nook Color - version 1.1.0 model- bnrv200

Use win32diskimager on a Windows 7 professional 64bit to create the image file (nf-dual-boot-flashable-v0.6.8) on microSD card.

Boot from microSD, card, run nookcolor-easyADB, it creates c:\android-sdk-windows folder. Device Manager identifies Nook color as Android Phone - Android Composite ADB interface, it has Hardware id
USB\VID_2080&PID_0002&REV_0216&MI_01 and

From a dos command prompt, I type adb devices, and I got this:
C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools>adb devices
List of devices attached
11223344556677 device

Pls advice what do I have to do to get:
android market (to install additional apps)
you tube - to watch movies

What feature does google map provide me.