apps not compatible with rooted Nook color?

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    Question apps not compatible with rooted Nook color?

    I've rooted my NC with CM7 and there are some apps that I cannot install, such as the Nook app from BN and the Kindle app. In the marketplace, it says "Your device is not compatible with this item" in a yellow bar at the top of the window - for both of those apps. Any suggestions how to fix this so I can install the apps?
    If I can't install the Nook app then rooting my Nook is not worth it to me (ie can't read my ebooks on my ereader...).

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    Default Solution.

    I just had this problem (CM7, daily 177):
    Go to the market and search for "LCD Density" and download one of the several that are available (I think I use LCD Density Changer).
    Run it and specify 160 as the density, the app I use allows you to keep that value on boot up which is handy.
    Then go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, All, Market, and choose "Clear data".
    Now when you run market you should be able to download apps without seeing "device not compatible" message.

    Also, if you keep current with the CM7 daily updates, stay with 177 for a bit. I tried 203 and totally became unstable.
    A bit "wild wild west" at the bleeding edge.
    peace out...

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