So I got my nook Color and was going to buy a N2A card but after watching several You Tube videos I figured I could do it myself. Reading the forums at XDA was just too confusing. Anyways I used the latest stable version and when I put gapp on my device it wouldn't let me pick any apps but I do have Market and can download everything. It is working real well.

Here are my issues:
Apps force closing. A bunch work perfectly but others just force close immediately. Tweetcaster works but I can't push the button in the top right to post. It won't work but all others do. I did fix permissions thru Rom Manager. From what I have read people are saying clear davlik cache but I have no idea how. They talk in programmer speak and I am clueless.

Any suggestions? Any tips, tricks, upgrades I need to do. People are talking about CWR and I have no idea if I have it or if I even need to do anything with it.