N2A card installed...help to maintain battery life.

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    Default N2A card installed...help to maintain battery life.

    Ok, several months ago I bought the N2A card and I love it but I have one small problem that I'd love to get fixed. The battery life sucks. I need to know if there are any things I can turn off in order to prolong the charge. I have to charge the thing just about every night. When I go back to stock my battery last much longer. Any Ideas?

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    If you missed the latest N2A update, you can find it here:

    Part of this update removed some unnecessary processes.

    Try using a battery calibration app about once a month.

    Also, keep in mind that using the NOOK as a tablet requires much more battery power to play movies, games, music, sweep for email and app updates. It is typically good only for about 8 hours, and that is only if you use the sleep mode when not actively doing a task,

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    I am getting about 12 hours (?) on the rooted side. My SO made me a cmod7 card so I don't know how that compares to the N2A card you buy, but I use mine a lot during the
    day to surf the web, read a magazine or two and play a few games (offline). I probably have it online half the time and it seems to get better battery life on the rooted side. On the stock side I have always gotten 8-10 hours run time since I bought it.

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