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    Tom Sawyer
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    Default nook friends app trouble

    Anyone else having issue with the "new" nook friends app? I'm unable to add any friends. I have sent requests to my mom and bf, who both have nooks (mom has a color, bf has a wifi), and my mom has sent me a request. The app shows that we have sent out the requests, but does not show that we have any pending requests to confirm. My bf and I have both gotten emails asking to confirm (possibly my mom has too, but she hasn't checked yet), but when you click on the link in this email it takes you to a page that says you need to log in first. Once we log in, it says we have zero requests (and yet we still don't show up in each others' friendslists).

    I know the app is still in beta, but it seems like we -must- be able to at least get past this stage so we can actually -do- something with the app. Anyone able to solve this problem?

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    Mr. Darcy
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    Default Re: nook friends app trouble

    I ended up turning the nc off and back on. That seemed to make nookfriends slowly start to work. Haven't check today to see if my friends are still there. That's the problem I was having, it would show I sent invites and had some friends then they were all gone.

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    Default Re: nook friends app trouble

    The feature seems to be working fine for me. I actually borrowed a book thru it. My only questions is, is there a way to remove people off the list? I have searched around but really haven't found any info on doing that.
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