wont let me download books or install apps

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    Unhappy wont let me download books or install apps

    I have tryed to download my books and install apps but for somereason it says download error for them. It is start to make me mad because i have spent money to read and play these apps and books. So im very unsure on what to do. There are like four books and like ten apps that wouldnt download

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    Mr. Darcy
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    Have you tried simply turning off your NOOK (hold down the power button until a prompt comes up), then powering it back up after 30 seconds? Usually, that does the trick when people have trouble downloding things and contact me about it.
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    two most common things are billing...if your card is not working, your downloads may stop synching. If not that. Turn the machine off like the previous post. If all else fails, erase and de-register your nook, and register again.

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    I know the original post was a year ago, but there is a known issue with new Nook Colors where Barnes & Noble sent them out with an old OS and it is preventing users from downloading apps. We have had several users report it to us. Too bad - not a great way to introduce users to the Nook store.

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    That's considered a known issue? Just this week, what you describe happened to me and I couldn't find a single clear reference to the fix being to manually install a software update. I ended up writing about it (Nook Color: Unable to Download Apps) and, I agree, it was a bad first experience with the Nook family and the app store.

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