I need to COMPLETELY remove an app from ny color nook

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    Default I need to COMPLETELY remove an app from ny color nook

    I recently downloaded an App from B&N. It requires a password to reopen the app. Unfortunately there is either something wrong with the app and it did not remember the password that I originally entered correctly or it could have been a user error when entering the password. This app does not allow me to recover the password or set a new one. So I figured just delete the app. re download it and start over....Well, not quite so easy. I deleted the app from MY ACCOUNT on the desk top however it still remains on the archive on my Color Nook. MY QUESTION: How do I remove the app completely from the Color Nook...Is it even possible?

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    Go to your online account on the BN website and in your library access the app and completely delete it from there. Then sync your NC so it knows you have done this and _then_ re-download the app (which will mean paying for it again if it cost money). Oh, and maybe wait some amount of time to make sure everything has been updated and knows what you did.

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    Go to your online account, and archive it. synch the nook, then archive it. Deleting will force you to re-buy the app again.

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