can I side load epub files on Win10 Nook App?

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    Default can I side load epub files on Win10 Nook App?

    How can I side load epubs on my new Insignia Win10 tablet? On my Color and HD+ I have loaded a number of epub files I got from other places, can anyone tell me if I can do this with my new tablet? Where does the Nook App save the epub files for the books that are downloaded to the tablet? Can I just add the epub files there?

    I'm still learning how to use my Insignia 11.6. I comes with a detachable keyboard and can be used as a tablet or in "laptop" mode. It has limited memory, but I got a 64gb micro sdxc card to add more.


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    Default importing books in the Win10 app

    I discovered in the library that if I scroll all of the way to the right there is a menu that includes importing books. I copied the *.epub files to a memory stick,plugged it into my tablet and then imported the books to the Nook app.

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