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Listen to the full-length soundtrack as you read. The sound and music trigger at key moments as you read the novel. The music and sounds seamlessly blend with the written word to create a multi-sensory experience.

The world rebuilds from the black typhus outbreak of 2020, which nearly ends the human race. A genetic discovery during mandatory government testing forces the parents of Lilly Rose to choose between training and qualifying for the Ceremonial Guard or serving two years of hard labor in the mines as a locator. Her parents agree to have her trained for the Ceremonial Guard.

I bite my bottom lip as beams of morning sunshine penetrate the east window of my parents West Texas house. I feel the warmth against my cheeks standing by the living room window. I close my eyes and focus on my music. Wes Ashbys voice flows gently from my music phone card and into my soul.

A conflicted Lilly Rose must choose between the strict principles of her parents, and the burning desire to be with music star Wes Ashby. Can life after the outbreak transcend mere survival? Is there room to find true love in such desperate times?

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ere is the Music video from the soundtrack