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    I just bought a Nook HD+. In general, I like it - the screen is beautiful, it feels well built, and it was a great deal. However, as I tried to install apps that I use on other Android platforms, I have run into quite a few apps that say they are incompatible with the Nook HD+. Why? Isn't it supposed to be running the full Android Jelly Bean now? One of the main reasons I bought the Nook was to watch baseball games on the MLB app. Yep, it's not supported. Is this a short term issue having to do with the Nook's relatively recent switch to full Android? Is there a workaround for this? Am I going to continue to experience this with other apps in the future? Like I said, I like the Nook, but if I can't run normal apps on it, I may be better off returning it and getting something else.


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    No, the HD+ is not fully JB compatible. B&N crippled the OS to tie owners as closely as possible to B&N's products. The B&N OS can be replaced with 100% Android, however. Go to the Xda-Developers website for instructions and ROM downloads.

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