Annoying factory reset behavior

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    Angry Annoying factory reset behavior

    Hi forum!

    I have a Nook Simple Touch w Glowlight. I bought an e-ink device, as opposed to a tablet, because I value the good visibility in sunlight. The Nook is, for me, a carry-around-all-the-time device.

    I always have it in an "Oliver" protective cover, since the screen is very easily damaged. A few months ago I rooted it which made it far more useful.

    However, since then, unintentional factory resets have happened 3 times or so, which apparently removed the rooting and reset the Nook to its normal, idiot state.

    These resets happen when I carry it in my bag with enough other items that some pressure is exerted on the lid. I'm guessing. I don't know exactly how the resets happen, I only see the result, which is that I have to go through the whole sequence of : choose language, log into wifi, log into b&n, register device, all that jazz.

    Is anyone else experiencing this behavior? Can anything be done about it?


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    Some info I forgot: the first time the reset happened I lost all my books because they were in device memory. Since then I save them on SD, so at least the books persist.

    However, the resets are still fantastically annoying because the initial state is blocking, you can't use the device until you get onto wifi etc., so, effectively, you carry around a brick until you get back home and retrieve the various login infos.

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