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    Default Highlighting near the edge

    Anyone having any trouble highlighting a word, well more specifically, looking up a word that is split with a hyphen when it reaches the right side of the screen? I cannot find any way to make this happen.

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    Default Re: Highlighting near the edge

    I've noticed the same problem, and haven't found a way to work around it.

    On the same token, has anyone figured out how to type a word into the dictionary?

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    Default Re: Highlighting near the edge

    You can't select a word that wraps to the next line. Workaround is to change the text size and hope the word does not hyphenate, then select it.

    No type-in for dictionary lookup. Workaround is to create a document with an instance of every word you'll ever want to look up. Then you can find the word, select and look it up. In theory. If you are insane enough to go to the trouble...

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