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    Default Slow boot up

    Does the Nook classic seem to have a slow boot up time to you?

    Also do you turn your Nook off every time you stop reading or do you out it to sleep? How long can you let it sleep before turning it off?

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    My 3g seems to be working like it always has. So, no slower boot up than it ever had. I move back to the blank 'n' screen when I'm done reading and then let it go to sleep. I get about 4 days on a battery charge this way, reading for maybe 4 hours a day. Wifi (or 3g) only turned on once a week (friday of course!) I haven't actually turned my nook off in MONTHS... I can't remember when I last actively turned it off... My NC gets turned off much more often because I tend to freeze the screen on angry birds. The NC definitely boots more quickly on start up, but then it's a different type of device so I'd expect it to be different. Both nooks boot faster than my laptop though.

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