Okay. I got my Nook only recently, and it's been nothing but annoying since I got it. It's fine, the little bugs are easy and mostly my fault.
This is annoying to the point of me wanting to snap the stupid thing in half: "Unable to Download. We are haing trouble downloading - your NOOK(tm)'s memory may be full. Try archiving some items in your Library ir removing large photo or media files and try again." I also got a message that says 'low on space - storage space is getting low'
Uh-huh. I go to my settings, device info - I have 98% left of storage space on the thing. I have 828 books, well over seven hundred of them either FREE books or sample books may I add. A NOOK can hold 2.5 million books on it right? Or is that a lie told to book readers to spend 100 dollars on a device that has more bugs than an ipad?