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    Default moving books from nook to PC

    I want to transfer the books i've downloaded straight to my nook onto my computer so I can share them with my mom on hers and when I plug the nook into either a PC or a Mac, no files show up for the books. What is going on and how can I share these books?

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    If you're talking about books you've downloaded from Barnes & Noble, the only way you can "Lend" them to someone else is if that particular book has the "Lending Option" and you do that through the nook interface, entering the info required for the person you're lending it to (I believe you need their B&N e-mail addy), and then they can download it on their nook for two weeks.

    Only SOME books have the option of lending them to others.

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    There is a complicated way to do this. I know we've talked about it on the boards so it's available somewhere *shuffling papers, sorting through files* I can't find where that thread is, but it's somewhere! *rolls eyes* It involves using the original credit card number used to pay for the book purchased. Something like you hook up your mom's nook to your computer and you can move the book from you to her. I'm not much help am I? Seriously, it's around here somewhere...

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