Ok so I'm having a problem with my nook, I tend to buy a lot of my books from other places so I load those onto my nook but I've noticed that some of the books are either named something completely wrong (even though when I connect it to my computer, the files themselves are named right) or the author is totally wrong. For example, I have a book I named Matter of time 2 by Mary Calmes, that is what it says on the file but once I load it on my nook it changes the author to Bugs Bunny (Yes, I am completely serious). Other times like I said the book title is something completely wrong. I have probably 20-30 books like this and it's frustrating because it makes it hard to locate a specific book, to find out what the book really is (when it's a funky book title) I have to open it to see and that isn't fun when you have to do that multiple times. When it has a weird author, I can't search the author to get to the book because it won't come up and I don't love the idea of going through hundreds of books looking for a specific author. My old nook didn't do this. Has anybody else had this problem? Is there a way to fix it? Like I said, when I hook it up to my computer and open the SD folder, those books are named right and have the right author so I don't know.