Unable to update firmware to 1.2.1

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    Default Unable to update firmware to 1.2.1

    I received my NST as part of the recent promotion in the UK earlier this week. It is running firmware v 1.2.0.

    Although I have registered it and connected it to the Internet, it does not seem to have updated itself to v 1.2.1. I have also downloaded the file at http://uk.nook.com/support/nook-simp...updates#manual and the copy the zip straight into the root directory of the Nook (using Windows 7). When I then disconnected the NOok from my PC it doesn't start any updating process, and when I plug it back in again the file has just disappeared.

    Am I doing something wrong? I cannot find anyone with a similar problem.

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    Hmmh...either the file at the original link I provided has changed or somehow I kept on ending up with the US firmware download. I downloaded the file afresh this morning from the UK site and it was a little larger (119 MB rather than 118 MB) and worked immediately.

    There is clearly a difference between the US and UK firmware files and each Nook will only load the file from the right country.

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    I just checked, I am running 1.2.1 on mine but I am in the US. Truth be told, hold onto the 1.2.0 version if you can. With the upgrade the table of contents no longer have page numbers associated with the chapters, a small detail but very annoying.

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