Hi everyone,

this is my first post here, be gentle :-)

My wife and I both bought a NST each, my wife's has set up easily without any problems. Mine on the other hand...

Initially, when entering the time zone details, I'm only presented with US states, so the guidance from nook, is that we should choose any of the states, complete the setup and then go to the settings, and select the correct timezone.

On the settings, only US states were again shown, however there was a checkbox to show other timezones. Selected this and chose London. Saved this setting.

The next problem, which is more of an issue, when trying to enter credit card details, and entering my address, I'm only presented with US or Canadian options. How do I then enter a UK address? I've gotten round this, by setting up the details on the website.

Next problem, is that when I enter the bookstore, all books are US versions, with prices in $. How do I get this changed to be UK?

Speaking yesterday to one of the support consultants on the online chat, he suggested that a new account needed to be created, and then use this. I carried out this, unfortunately the same issue stands...

If anyone can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated!