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    Well, I hacked my nook st and, I must say, was dissapointed. It slowed the nook down ALOT, and other than Opera Mobile web browser and kindle, it was pointless. Factory reset, and happy.
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    That's what I was afraid of. I think the only thing I want to root it for would be to get a different reader. I want my time bar back. The old nook displayed the time and book title all of the time. I guess they removed it because it probably eats battery life to keep the time going as you're reading, but I want to know the time without having to click the center of the screen or look at a watch.

    But if rooting slows it down, it's not worth it. *sigh* I wish they made displaying the time a setting I could change (unless there is one that I'm not seeing?).

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    Tom Sawyer
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    The only appeal rooting has for me on the ST is the possibility of file organization. I don't care about apps or games or browsers. Any word on a root-thing that will do that?

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