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  60. A new game released by kevin.vajk.
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  63. regarding softroot
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  83. Here's a challenge for you guys...
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  88. Anyone get the Softroot File Manager to connect to the PC yet?
  89. So who's making a new Crosswords icon?
  90. Closed
  91. Softroot Version
  92. 1.4.1 OS
  93. ADB over USB Instructions
  94. CrossWord App
  95. How does softrooting affect updates?
  96. How to: Nook with any font (incl. Czech/Slovak/Russian/Polish and other chars)
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  121. New 2.4.1 set to ADB over USB - how do you change it back?
  122. A new softroot - 2.41 - is available.
  123. Changing built-in dictionary.
  124. So, is anyone working on an email client?
  125. Latin 2 (ISO 8859-2)
  126. Cloning Internal Nook microSD Card
  127. Soft Root. Micro SD card type? Should I wait to root?
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  129. Soft Root
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  137. How do I stop B&N 1.4 from screwing up my rooted Nook
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  152. Android Apps
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  157. reversing the process?
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  194. NookDevs.com
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  197. Rule Number One: Keep it Legal
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