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  1. Re: PHEW! man I have been gone for a while.

    I think I've been gone longer than you have! It's like a big party with all the old timers showing up...!
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    Re: Websites to compare ebook costs?

    I used to use inkmesh too--but it has been squirrelly for a while. I haven't found a replacement that is any more accurate.

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    Re: Anybody else glad its the weekend?


    I usually like the weekends well enough but *someone* has got to sit down and work on the taxes this weekend. Ugh. That's right down there at the bottom of the barrel.
  4. Re: Last week sub zero, this week 80 degrees!

    I'm here in Texas hoping for no late freezes. I've got a garden in already and spring lettuce! (Lettuce is actually a winter crop here, covered during freezes.) We've been up to 80, but are expected...
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    Executive Sick Days -- It's here!

    It's not showing in the search engine yet, but Executive Sick Days is available for Nook!!!

    Book one: Executive Lunch
    Book two: Executive Retention

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to...
  6. Re: The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy--sf by Stephen Goldin and Mary Mason

    No worries; I have links on my own page and I find I have to check them because sometimes things just move...

    My books are done via Smashwords for (all forms) but then trying to keep up with the...
  7. Re: The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy--sf by Stephen Goldin and Mary Mason

    Thanks -- from this link:

    I clicked on the e-reads button. It "redirected me" to a home page and then I couldn't find your books searching with your last name.
  8. Re: The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy--sf by Stephen Goldin and Mary Mason

    And just to let you know, I visited your blog, clicked on the book--and it took me to some e-reader site, but when I typed in your name, I still couldn't find the book!
    Maybe you're on B&N or AMazon...
  9. Re: The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy--sf by Stephen Goldin and Mary Mason

    I came across this thread while wandering around these forums--I read Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates lo! many years ago. I looked for AGES for another. I still have that book on my self; I just loved...
  10. Re: Question on improved rating system and recommended reading by

    I've found goodreads to be a good place for my personal use. I can put in stars or a review or notes. I'm not committed to doing all things for every book. You can get the books from the B&N list or...
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    Re: The Bella report

    I'm really glad to read that Bella is doing better. Give her a belly rub for me!!!
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    Re: It's gone....

    Oh No! That is terrible. I hope you find it. Are you sure you looked in the right purse? You didn't change purses? Or...
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    Re: taking a few days off

    Totally hear you. I have to do that myself--in fact, I'm staying off one of my other regular boards just now because of those snotty people...pretty soon things calm down and then there will be new...
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    Re: Wisdom for a newbie

    There's a blog called Books on the Knob-- she posts bargains for the nook (and other readers including Sony, Kindle and so on). She does a lot of the freebie posts as well. Good resource.
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    Re: "Who are you?", says my wife.

    The instant download is great. I don't have to go to the store, wait for an order...I just find something I like and bam, there it is.

    Funny story about you and your wife!
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    Re: Newbie with a couple of ?'s

    The connect thing happens sometimes when a password is required to actually access the wifi--and why it shows up like that I don't know. It happened to me in the Austin airport--said there was public...
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    I'm on goodreads too!

    It's a pretty spiffy place!
  18. Re: Getting books from other sources and sorting in library/shelves

    Calibre does NOT handle DRM books. Generally it will refuse to do anything with them. The guy who wrote the program has said he will never add support for DRM. He produced a program for free (he...
  19. Re: New here....waiting on my Nook to arrive Tuesday. does a bunch of Christian books every Sunday (and clean ones as well). While it's completely geared toward Kindle, most of the time those same books are made available at the...
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    Re: Money pit

    Thanks for the info!
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    Re: Money pit

    What does the Phili library card cost?
  22. Re: x-posted from Intro, but I need answers!

    I have seen that people have rooted it and returned it, but technically the warranty is voided so you could have problems (especially if it's not responding and you can't UNDO the root.) It does...
  23. Re: Unsure about buying? Here's what you need to know...

    Goodness, what an *interesting* thread. Kudos to y'all for being civil, yet opinionated!!!

    I would like to chime in and say I really don't like touchscreen. It's never been my thing. No one who...
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    Re: putting a face to a name

    I am a bear!!! :grin:
  25. Re: Just joined and hoping you can help with a decision....

    Answers above. There are freebies for both the Nook and the Kindle.

    Good luck. Sounds to me like you need to just buy one of each!!!
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