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    I really liked this book

    An even more modernized version of William Gibson's cyberpunk fiction...skateboarders who are servers...the end-products of too much video...The Internet evolved...

    This is a must-read for sci-fi...
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    THE TEMPLE OF CAMAZOTZ - An O.C.L.T. Novella by David Niall WIlson .99

    Headless bodies are turning up along the Mexican border....
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    Sticky: Re: Nookboards Resident Authors

    How does one get on the list? I'm not here as much as I'd LIKE to be...but I have a lot of books on Nook, as well as in print, and audio.

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    Sticky: Re: Books Outside Barnes & Noble

    For Crossroad Press titles (and we're somewhere between 250 and 300 now) you can order direct from the Crossroad Press store in ePub, Mobi, Prc and PDF formats. This is the best way to support the...
  5. Hallowed Ground - Steven Savile & David Niall Wilson - Dark Western Fantasy


    "She died," Chessie said. "She died, rose, and nearly died again. She comes. The crows know her the crows...
  6. Sticky: Re: .99 Cent Nookbooks - Authors please promote your novels here.

    ANCIENT EYES - A novel of Supernatural Horror - .99 from now until the end of May.

    I'm discussing one of my books each week on my Official...
  7. Sticky: Re: .99 Cent Nookbooks - Authors please promote your novels here. FROM THE CROSSROAD - an anthology of ten stories by five authors who publish through Crossroad Press, plus a novel excerpt from each. This...
  8. On the Third Day & Defining Moments only .99 until May 15th

    I have been writing and publishing since the mid 1980s, and I now have a LOT of books out for Nook ... so I'm discussing one book a week ON FACEBOOK on my official author's page. As I discuss each...
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